Friday, 8 October 2010

Baby Nursery For My Grandson

I was happy to hear from my daughter who is expecting in early December. She is planning to decorate a nursery for her baby boy. How exciting!  So I asked her to share her photos with my readers when she gets it going.  I hope she will say yes! She's planning wide vertical stripes in blue and white right now. I'm not sure how she's going to find the time, but once she sets her mind to something you may as well move aside and let her do it.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Clean up

First I have to clean up before I can fix up.

I woke up to a rainy day, the perfect weather for staying inside my apartment and cleaning it so I can find enough room to apply my interior decorating ideas. I love baskets and have been collecting them from yard sales and swap meets, so I'd love to find a good way to organize those. I'd also like to display some of my beadwork that took me so long to make.

I'm not a big fan of fake flowers but I keep them on hand for craft projects.  Unfortunately one of my cats will eat any indoor plant, even celery stalks I've pitched in the trash can. So indoor plants are out. I did make a terrarium last year, but I had no where to set it so it's out on the patio. I'd love to bring that back inside where it was meant to be.

Our dining room is a sewing area. It's going to stay that way because we sew about five times a week between the two of us.  I hope to some day get rid of all the boxes in there and put in a dining room table which would give us an area in which to cut fabric. Right now we set up a makeshift table outside to cut fabric on.

But today it's raining, so you can see why we need an indoor place to cut fabric. And with my home dec projects I'm going to need to cut fabrics even more.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Earring Give-Away Details

To celebrate my new  home decorating blog that I've dubbed I'm giving away a pair of my hand beaded earrings to my first ten followers.

They will be sent to the U.S.A address of your choice.

You may request your favorite color of earrings.

To enter, go to the blog, hit the follow button in the right side bar, and leave a comment under the first welcome post.

And by the way, ArtTales already did so and she didn't even know about the give-away, so she wins the first pair if she sends me her address to Woot!

First Post and Welcome to My New Blog

I've never considered myself a home decorator, but then after watching the Nate Berkus show today where he featured a blogger he follows, it dawned on me that I've been making things for the home as long as I've had a home to make things for, in other words, all my life.  I've always had too much stuff and not enough space. I've always had to fit more into less room. And when marriages, divorces, births and deaths happen, the whole process has to be started all over again.

So whether you are renting or buying, I hope you will find ideas here that will work for you.

My new goal is to turn this tiny, cramped, overstuffed apartment into my home decor experimental center.  I can't make it any worse than it already is, so it's got to get better from here on out. Please follow along by clicking the follow button in the margin on the right. Thanks.