Friday, 11 May 2012

Things That Make Me Want to Say Bad Words

We are renters. The last owner repainted the exterior.  Imagine my shock when the new door looked like a giant Hershey bar. I got used to it over time. Then our complex went into foreclosure and was bought out by the owners from hell. Of course they wanted to remodel. They ripped out all my lovely flowers just at the high point of spring, tore out the lawn, and repainted the exterior and put up new light fixtures.

The only thing I was looking forward to was getting rid of that brown door. I got rid of it all right. They painted it an even darker brown. Now it looks like a giant dark chocolate Hershey bar.

And the last owner put in nice light fixtures with clear glass for maximum light. The new owner ripped those out and replaced them with a tiny fixture with dark plastic that blocks the light coming through. And they are butt ugly.  I hope we move and soon. UGH.

Me in front of the Hershey Bar door.  The new Dark Chocolate Hershey Bar Door.

The old fixture is the tiny one in the corner. I hate the new one, and they put one on the back porch too.

Three days after they bought the place, this is what I came home to.
They ripped out all my blooming pansies, roses, calla lillies, jasmine..everything. Next week they are ripping out all the plants in the backyard, many of which I bought with my own money or grew from seed. And we never get an opinion on anything. They are selling it next month after owning it just long enough to remodel, with no thought of what the people who have lived here for years wanted.

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