Monday, 3 June 2013

Some Ideas For Small Spaces

Even though my home is far from finished Rachel inspired me to show some of the things that I like around my house. Notice we have some things in common, like feathers in bottles. I just hopped up and took the photos after seeing her blog so they are taken without sprucing it up, just as it is, so it will be so much better when I have time for spring cleaning. But it also serves as a reminder that we need to enjoy our home all the time, not just in the hour after we clean it up.

Fresh Apricots for Feng Shui

The knick-knack shelf above the piano.
It's amazing how personal knick-knacks are. The little gypsy horse is my wish to have a real one someday. The bottle is one I made a long time ago, The rattle in the upper left is one my friend Sal helped me to weave. The juggling photo on the top row was one I took of my juggling equipment when I had black and white photography in college. People wonder why I have trouble throwing stuff away.

The view outside my bedroom window.
At night I can see the stars from my bed.
My feather jars.
I raided my feather jars to make Robin Hood  hats. But I just found my peacock feathers that a friend gave me so I'll fix them right up when I can.
My Tarot Table
The deck on this table is the Faery Wicca tarot. This is a new spread I learned from the tiny book that comes with the deck. It's quite different than the usual tarot.


  1. Bahh! I LOVE your knick knack shelf! Aww thanks for sharing this with me!!

  2. And I love those little lights over your bed. I love blue lights too. Maybe I should look into that.Thanks for stopping bye. It means a lot to me.