Friday, 7 June 2013

Sorting Boxes

We moved here in Oct. and we still have boxes everywhere. So my goal right now is to deal with one box a day. So today I emptied 2 boxes, and then used one of them for all the blankets that were making a big mess in my room and have been in the way since winter. It was 104 degrees today. I don’t think I’ll need them until October. So I took the box of gift wrap, my guitar, and a bolt of fabric out of my closet to make room for the blanket box. Then I nested my guitar back in there. The other stuff is going out of the house into my storage container/art studio. I also consolidated two boxes of Halloween decorations and those will go in the container as well. Sadly I didn’t have any empty boxes to throw out, but at least I got them out of the living room and all those blankets out of my bedroom area. I still have lots to do in both the living room and the bedroom, but that’s progress. 

I also found two oil lamps in colorful bottles to add to my bottle collection that I mentioned in my last post.

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