Monday, 10 June 2013

Bedroom Lighting Issues

Lately I've had bad luck with lighting fixtures. When we moved here I had two lights in my bedroom. The overhead ceiling bulb and a bedside reading lamp. Not long after we moved in, the bulb in the ceiling light went out. Since my bed blocks the space under the light and is sitting on the floor, and the moving boxes filled everywhere else, we couldn't change the bulb. Then the reading lamp died. About two weeks later we got the bulb replaced, only to find out it was the light that was dead, not the bulb. So my boyfriend gave me his desk lamp.  No sooner than I plugged it in, it literally fell apart. The light still works, but the base is broken so it falls over all the time! Ugh.

Finally I'd had enough but I didn't want to spend any money. I had 2 Japanese lanterns from the old apartment, but no hooks to hang them from.

Then because of this blog, I started emptying two boxes a day. Remember when I put all the blankets in a box in the closet a few days ago? That made space for me to get the step ladder into my room, and my boyfriend swapped out the bulbs in the ceiling lamp! Yay, light again.

Then I remembered I have a floor lamp in the 'art studio/storage container'. I put it out there so I could have light in the far back area, but at this point, I can't even work in the back for all the boxes and I don't have an electric cord that reaches that far.  So I grabbed the floor lamp this morning and put it back in my bedroom.  It is even blue, the color my room is supposed to be when I get it all finished.

As far as hanging the paper lanterns, I have hooks that are too small and hooks that are too big, so now I need to buy some that are just right.

But joy of joys, I don't have to spend any more money on buying a lamp. Excellent!

Now I need to replace the damaged window screens so the bugs stay out! All of these things are things the landlady should be fixing. Aren't houses supposed to come with curtain rods after all? But we don't want to trouble her. We want a good relationship with her and she lives next door. When we signed our rental agreement, I wanted to mention all these issues but my boyfriend stopped me. I just wish she'd fixed the ceiling fan in the living room. It wobbles and ticks and can only be on 'low' or it feels like a helicopter is about to behead us in our living room.

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